Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I LOVE having the kids home for summer break but it comes with the hefty price tag of a messy, disorganized house. 
Toys played with and then walked away from. Cups half full and forgotten. Throw pillows used for fighting, cat beds, skates, and anything but looking nice on the sofa. 

But the flip side is happy noise, a glimpse into their imaginary world, and the sweet sounds of childhood.
There are also pajamas all day or the pool in the morning and pajamas upon our return. Story times and movies with popcorn instead of lunch. Games of hide-and-seek. Dance parties. Tea parties. Mario marrying Barbie. Dancing with The Wiggles...

A tidy house would sure be nice and I don't welcome every mess or abandoned toy I see, but a magazine layout style house would mean no sweet little faces or handprints...guess the price of Summer isn't so hefty after all...