Sunday, May 31, 2009


On Sunday, we had a lot of things we had thought about doing like going to the park or pool, but Caroline wanted to go ride on Thomas the Train (I was glad to be in the air conditioning). We ate at Pharoah's for lunch, walked around the mall, and let the kids each ride on a toy. Another great day with family!


Matthew's Grandmother is still in NC (visiting from Kansas) and her and Margie were passing through our town after their mountain trip this weekend. They stopped by and had dinner with us and got to see the kids. We had a great time visiting and eating and the children don't mind the extra attention one bit. It was nice to get a group photo of our three kids sitting with Great Grandma and it turned out great.

Sam got so hot from running around that we took his outfit off

Great Grandma, Emma, Sam, and Caroline

Sweet Caroline and Fluffy (Bunny's latest name)


good ol' fashioned hazing

is it me, or is that a scowl?
the mud man
a game of "tag" in progress
crew shot

We had friends over on Friday for a back yard play date. It was a blast. I set up the small pool an the sprinkler, we had lunch, and got to visit while the kids ran around the yard like crazy people. I was impressed with the sharing and minimal whining, so I know the kids had as much fun as the adults. As usual, my kids were the messiest ones, again Sam finding the mud and rolling in it. My little cuties napped well, and from what I hear so did our friends. Thanks for coming over guys!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Her Majesty giving out her royal orders

"and you can call me Cinderella..."

do you love the pose?

My mom was given some princess dress up dresses from a friend, and Caroline loves them. We are having a tea party next week when the younger ones nap and I think proper dress shall be required (I've wanted to do this since I first found out I was having a girl!).

Just Ducky

Sam and Emma Kate...they really do DO more than eat and sit in the stroller, really they do
how perfect? three friends, three animals

the duck theme continues

inappropriate duck behavior
"Take a picture of THAT for your blog!" says Teri. I did.

making friends

eating the crackers we brought for the ducks

seeing the baby ducks

We had a neat afternoon...fed the ducks, had a copperhead baby snake within just three or four feet, shared a picnic lunch, and avoided the laundry basket once again. It was nice to be outside and we are trying to do as much outdoors as we can before the June and July heat and humidity push us in for the rest of the summer (I am a heat wimp).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Bird

"I want a birdie bed, Mommy" Caroline said today at breakfast (I love that she loves the bird theme as much as I do). We had been talking about putting the guest bed in her room, making the guest room a play room, and doing away with the toddler bed. I had intended on waiting until summer was over, but when we were out shopping today, we found BIRDIE BEDDING!!! You know that once we bought it, the change had to happen right then and there (wonder where she gets THAT from?). Her room looks great and she is a very happy camper...wish us luck with bed tonight!