Wednesday, May 29, 2013

some kinda year, some kinda pretty

So far, 2013 has been a tough one for our sweet Emma Kate. 
We try to keep it light and positive, but it is what it is.
Asthma, allergies, alopecia areata, much more can a girl take?

Hopefully she can take a lot more because sweet baby girl broke her arm over Memorial Day!
It's minor, will only take 4 weeks to heal, and the cast can get wet (again, we have to look on the bright side!). 
It also matches her dance gala costume (no accident there I tell you).
Here she was today (day 2 of having a cast) getting ready to go to dress rehearsal.
Darling Emma Kate, I can't always shield you from the world and what it tosses your way, but I will cuddle you and sit right next to you while you go through it. You are one tough cookie and Daddy and I love you "much much".

Preschool Graduation

All three kids are elementary school bound!
Preschool is no more!
While I was sad when Caroline hit this milestone, I am rejoicing as the twins graduate preschool because they are ready! 

One person in our family was done with preschool after Christmas. Getting him up and out the door on school days was a challenge and he was more than ready to go to big sister's school. Even though today was the last day he had to go, I still struggled to get him ready. 
Smiling? forgettaboutit!

I will NOT smile!
that's hard to maintain when Mommy makes funny faces...
OK! Let's do this!

uh oh...

Bring on Summer!
Bring on Kindergarten!

Caroline takes on the big "7"

Spring time is birthday season in our house. 
After we celebrated Sam and Emma Kate turning 5 we celebrated Caroline turning 7.
She had an indoor swimming party and it was wonderful!
Made you look....that's not Caroline!
but that is!

warm and wonderful...a balmy 80 degrees

the lone boy
late dinner, no friends, not a Mario in sight...
not Sam's idea of fun
I think the idea of a room full of his big sister's friends all in swimsuits with no other guys in the room will be more appealing in the future.

pizza and cookie cake round off the night

March 28: Twins take on "5"

Life has been a little hairy lately and this blog has been a wee bit neglected. 
On March 28, the twins celebrated turning 5! 
We celebrated in the park with the whole preschool class and some other good friends.
Great weather, great friends, and some great food...what's better than that?!
Emma Kate's theme was Hello Kitty
Sam's was Mario. Are you surprised?