Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

November, December: Merry Christmas

In November, we went to Kansas to visit Matt's family. We had THE BEST time! It was so nice getting to see his relatives. There were parties, dinners, Thanksgiving meals, mass together, and indoor swimming. It always goes by WAY TOO FAST! Matt's uncle Joe grabbed a shot of us. Joe is a great guy and a great photographer.

This was the shot I was going to use for Christmas cards...but cards didn't actually happen this year. We  were having too much fun baking, visiting, going to parties, making crafts, and celebrating. I am pretty sure if I had one thing more on my to-do list, I might scream. Or pull my hair out. Or worse...not get around to sugar cookies. I opted this year to visit in person, email, call, and blog to loved ones. They'd rather that then have a anxious, bald version of me that came with no cookies. Christmas shouldn't be about a chock-full to-do list and so I just eliminated it...that is my story and I am sticking to it. Maybe St. Patrick's Day will be our family's card giving holiday. Or July 4th.
In all seriousness, we are more than blessed to have a circle of family and friends who love us more than we deserve to be loved. Merry Christmas, we love you BIG!


Caroline has NEVER had a Halloween costume that didn't require a wig. This year was no different. She wanted to be Mack from Teen Beach Movie. A lot of research and online hunting went into this, but I think we nailed it! 

No. I didn't post her. Please!

Sam took a break from being Mario for the last two years and went in an entirely different direction.
This year he was Luigi. Different, right?

Emma Kate didn't want a costume. We talked her into a Hello Kitty one that she said she liked. When it arrived, she hated it and cried. Did she want anything else? A trip to Target proved that she didn't. We were able to make her happy with drawing on whiskers and the Hello Kitty headband. She was happy, so I was happy.
note to self: don't pay for a costume let alone expedited shipping if she says she doesn't want a costume.

Still adorable.
We walked the entire neighborhood! It was warm, no jackets were needed, and we hit up every house!


I mentioned that we were on the move a lot this fall. Just thought I'd show some proof cute pictures.
Soccer for Parish athletics (amazingly run, what an undertaking!).

 We also got bike riding in our blood this fall. Caroline rode without training wheels and the twins were this close...riding at a park with a paved track made practicing easy and fun.

guess who RAN behind them to make sure they were ok and to nab great shots with the camera?
I bet that was fun to watch.

that is the face of an angel. 
the kind of angel with a tarnished halo that reeks havoc all over Heaven.

 don't you love authentic smiles? 
good golly, she is some kinda pretty.

her too. sheesh! 
love these kids.


September was a very bittersweet, albeit mostly sweet, month. The twins started school (Kindergarten). Caroline started 2nd grade. I started school (5th grade). 
 School started on a Wednesday and Caroline has PE on Wednesdays, so her dress uniform got a day off. Emma Kate and Sam had staggered entry and a shorter day.
 Nervous? Excited? Ready?
Without a doubt.

Water spots from cleaning up rogue toothpaste? Shirt untucked? Collar uneven?
Yes. You may have heard of these. 
They're called "boys".

New grade. New teeth. 
She is ready!

That's better.

 I love the progression of these next shots. I am sure at the time I was probably frustrated as I just wanted to get the picture of three perfectly standing, smiling angels. Editing and uploading several months later and I realize that these are much better than what I thought I wanted.
Isn't that always the way?

 Wait, don't mess up his collar! 

You can tell Sam doesn't like Caroline at all...yeah, right!
Did you know she hung the moon just for him?

School has been wonderful. The kids love their teachers (so do I) and have learned SO much.