Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Just a quick reminder that for a few more days, Jean at Pumpkinvine Corner is giving my blog readers a discount on Aurifil thread. To ensure that you get the discount, make sure you enter the word, "nest" in the customer comment section during checkout.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Meaning of Christmas

When you are a kid and hear adults talk about the REAL meaning of Christmas, you can't imagine that you'll ever feel that way. I remember hearing my mom say that seeing us open our gifts was more fun for her than getting any of her own and I thought she was nuts. Slowly though, it sinks in as you grow and mature. Christmas IS so much more than gifts. This year, Matthew and I have made a point of having the kids help us pick out gifts for others so they get a sense of the giving part of Christmas. 
I think its starting to make an impression as on our last trip to Target, Emma Kate asked who could she buy a gift for this time without asking to look at anything for herself. We keep reiterating that giving gifts and good friends are much more important than opening a new toy. 
We've been blessed with some really, really great friends. The kind who call you and check on you when you are sick. The kind who drop everything and bring you a treat at your door when you've had a busy month. The kind who don't get upset if you don't return their call right away.
No doubt friends like this are a gift! 
We did a little Christmassing with some of these really, really good friends. Our kids love their kids, we love them, and everyone gets along beautifully. 
It was a treat to get together, share a wonderful meal, give a few gifts, and visit.

Monday, December 5, 2011


My Grandmother, Mimi (who the kids call, "Gigi") has been reading my blog. I love that she has been able to get onto her computer, although I wish she was close enough to pop over in person. I love this picture of Mimi and Papa with the kids.
Hi Mimi, we love you!

Emmy Clutch

Making a clutch or zippered pouch is the perfect project because it uses very little fabric and is made quickly enough to provide instant gratification. This pattern, the Emmy clutch, is so much fun to sew from. It is easy but still has features to make it custom and unique. I love the gussets at the bottom, which make it sturdy, as well the the technique used with the zipper (honestly, if you only buy the pattern to learn her zipper technique, you'll be doing yourself a HUGE favor) make this bag the perfect project for a beginner or anyone who loves to sew. These are the perfect size for an evening out, but I love to keep mine in my purse to keep me organized.

The pattern came from the etsy shop paisley pear and believe me, there are several cute ones to choose from, although Michelle's patterns are 3 for $18, so you can try them all!
Michelle also has a cute blog with giveaways, freebie patterns, tutorials, and other goodies. Visit her!

 When I first started sewing zippered pouches and purses, I was getting my zippers at Joann's Fabrics. Not only was this not convenient because I don't live all that close to Joann's but it proved to be expensive with zippers being between $2 and $3 a piece. Searching on etsy, I found Irina of k and C supplies. You can get a boatload of zippers for under $10! I got a bundle of 25 zippers that are 7 inches in length for $9! You can also contact her about variety packs and choosing colors.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


There are a lot of instances in life where buying cheap or generic saves you money but there are times where quality matters. I didn't know that thread was one of those instances...but oh-boy, is it! Aurifil thread is my new favorite. It is silky, doesn't break as you are sewing, threads through a needle easier, but best of all, doesn't make a lint mess in your machine. I clean my machine and re-oil every 3-5 full bobbins and the lint that accumulates is an oddity. Since switching from "cheap" thread (the kind you get at your craft shop or superstore) to Aurifil, I am amazed at how much quieter and cleaner my machine has been! Also, the nerd in me did a quick cost tally and found that Aurifil is actually less expensive or  the same price as what you get at your bargain craft shop! For a spool of your basic thread that is 400 yards, you will spend about $2.50-$3.00. For a large cone of Aurifil that has 1422 yards Pumpkinvine Corner sells it for $8.39....BUT if you use the code "nest" at cheackout,  Jean will reconfigure the price of the spools to be $7.99 {offer good through 12/31 so hurry and stock up}!
{Pumpkinvine doesn't just offer thread, oh-no! You will find patterns, books, stencils, and some of the cutest decorative wire hangers. } is a great video on cleaning and oiling your machine

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Favorite Dress

I am one of the people who gets more than a little upset to see stores display Christmas decorations before Halloween. I refuse to even think about Christmas before I celebrate thanksgiving. So why am I showing you the Easter dresses I made the girls? So you can grab the pattern and make a few too! Make some out of corduroy for Christmas or a sweet girly pattern for Valentine's Day...
By now, I've sewn several dresses for the girls and have had great luck with the patterns I've used and outcomes I've had, but this one is by far my favorite to date. The girls kept me company as I sewed this one by playing Barbie's and putting on a Taylor Swift knock-off concert for me as I worked, surely this added to my love of this dress.
The pattern came from Lily Bird Studio
Cecilia of Lily Bird Studio makes some of the neatest patterns. They are easy to follow and she gives attention to detail. This particular dress has you making piping, which I have never attempted, but her pattern gives step-by-step instructions with color photographs. Although I love the patterns I am seeing all over etsy and online, Cecilia's are unique and not at all "cookie cutter" versions of dresses you see everywhere. 
The fabric? You know it is Jennifer Paganelli, right? Still love her!
The cute prints came from 
Becky carries great fabrics! She has several of Jennifer Paganelli prints for under $7 a yard as well as many other great designers at super low prices. 
Just in case you aren't a seamstress and have no intention of making perfectly adorable clothing yourself, Becky has a shop of hand made pieces in her shop, Granny B's Clothesline. From pillowcase dresses to sweet baby gifts, monogrammed goodies to birthday tee-shirts (I am drooling over these...can't you see these for a photoshoot?) , Becky's boutique is just precious!