Thursday, December 30, 2010

You might be right

 I had a stomach bug this week, but the show had to go on. What do you do when you have three little ones to entertain and its too cold to get outside to play? If you said make clay ornaments and let the kids paint them, you might be right.

 if you think I took every possible precaution in an effort to lessen the mess by lining cookie sheets with foil, you might be right

 if it looks to you like things were going well and every bit of paint was on the ornaments and not the children, table, pajamas, or chairs, you might be right 

 (but then again, you might not be)

if it looks like despite my trying to make this a clean project, paint ended up from one end of the kitchen to the other, you might be right.
If you think that it was worth over an hour of cheap entertainment, no fighting, sweet conversation, and this sick momma getting to lay on the couch and observe the little ones, you ARE right. 

p.s. it you think it was washable paint, you might be right...I'm not that crazy :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hoot, Hoot They're Cute

look what Bunny got for Christmas...

Facts about Rapunzel

10. The "witch's" name was Mother Gothel
9. The tower would have been about 73 feet high (actually, 20 ells, which is an old unit of measurement that equals 44 inches)
8. It is one of Grimm's Fairytales
7. She was 17 turning 18 in the movie
6. If her hair was cut, it would turn brown and lose its power.
5. "Tangled" was Disney's 50th full length animated motion picture
4. Mandy Moore was the voice for Rapunzel in Tangled
3. According to Disney, if each strand of hair was stacked end to end, it would equal 26 miles of hair.
2. She was first intoduced in 1812.
1. She was a twin!

Monday, December 27, 2010

easy bake

Gigi and Gramps gave the girls the Easy Bake Deluxe Delights this year for Christmas and they were itching to try it's snow day was the perfect chance!

with washed hands and princess dresses, they were ready to begin
 dump, add water, stir, and lick
 microwave for 30 seconds
 add fondant

 and eat
these were raspberry cakes with purple fondant
luckily, there were three kids and it made three cakes so I needn't partake
 then they made chocolate cakes with hot pink fondant

 and these were the chocolate chip cookies
is it me, or does he look hesitant to try what the girl's made?
although not appetizing to me, the kids thought these treats not only looked amazing, but tasted great too! 

what a fun morning! Thanks Gigi and Gramps!

Christmas 2010

Our family had a great Christmas. Actually, we had three great Christmas celebrations! We started our festivities at my in-laws house the weekend before Christmas. 
 there was great food

 fun people to visit and play with

 and the kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins. 
After M and Doc's house, we went to my parent's house. It was around this time that my camera needed a recharge, which I left at home. There was great food, good visiting, and we even went to see 'Tangled', which I LOVE!!! It was great visiting with everyone and getting to see not only my parents but grandparents as well! We then headed home to get ready for Santa's official visit.

On Christmas Eve, we went to mass and sat with our friends, the Riddochs. We had dinner at home and watched some Christmas movies before heading up to get our children all nestled all snug in their beds. 
 Santa came

 the sugar plums waiting at the gate Santa put at the top of the stairs to ensure that Mom and Dad were part of the Christmas gift unwrapping

 clearly, this Rapunzel wig was a Mr. Claus gift as Mrs. Claus would never envision one more thing in the house that needed brushing or washing (but she LOVES it and it is cute!)!
 later Christmas day, Doc, M, and Grandma Wilbert came over for dinner
 the food turned out (whew!), the kids were perfectly behaved, and everyone had a good time. Later that night it snowed (we had a WHITE Christmas!!!) and we woke up to this
Super Dad took the kids out in the snow, made them hot chocolate and lunch, played with the sweeties, watched a movie with them, got them down and back up from a nap, and made dinner (I was in bed with a stomach bug and migraine). What a wonderful, magical Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nicole Faby Photography

When we discussed getting pictures taken of our family, I knew I wanted to have Nicole Faby taken them. She is great with kids and got even mine to open up! We left our session not sure if there going to be any keepers because our little ones weren't sitting still or wanting to smile on command, but WOW...we got over 40 "keepers"!  I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome! Thanks Nicole!

I am biased, but they are AWESOME...isn't she talented?!

visit her: