Sunday, July 26, 2009

puzzles and pony tails

Caroline LOVES puzzles. I mean, loves them. She has for awhile now, but lately, it is all she does all day long....for hours. She easily does a 24 piece and a 35 piece and I think tomorrow we are going to buy and try a 50 piece so that she is challenged.

She is also very into hair styles and her favorite are pony tails. She challenges me daily by handing me several hairbands and asking for me to use them all. Her fine, thin hair is finally growing, and she looks so grown up with it pulled back. What a fun little gal she can be!

1 comment :

  1. Braids! Mommy, please oh please can I have braids? The fancy kind, not the baby ones! Usually this is the request when we have 3 minutes to get out the door! (the fancy kind are french braids that are horrible with fine, silky, little girl hair!)