Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful Weather


a kiss or a bite...I am not sure and he doesn't seem too sure either
ladies first

soccer star like Daddy
Caroline was pretending that they were the backyardigans having a snack after the show...I love the imagination stage

somehow this became HER one really challenges her (would you?)
Sam can climb up and slide on the playground all by himself
look how tall he is getting!
no barefeet in the grass for this cutie

full of life
I am going to start a photo collection of "moose on the table" shots...
I love the light in her hair

I can almost taste favorite season by far. Summer is too hot around here and I feel like we spend the majority of it indoors (unless we are at the beach). This past week has been cool enough to play outside everyday without being yucky and the kids have loved it. Yesterday, Matt was watering the grass and that added to the fun for the kids. What a great week, after a hot summer, I am ready for many more days like this! These pictures are from over the last few days.

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