Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nativity Craft Idea

Caroline loves craft projects and here is a cute one I found that is also a behavior reward system

Cotton Ball Crib: Here's another family Advent tradition for those with little ones. Build a simple (think popsicle stick) "crib". Get a large bag of cotton balls. Each evening, reflect on the day with your little ones and see if they had a good behavior day. If so, they get to add a cotton ball to the crib, and make it a little softer for Baby Jesus. (Sometimes it helps with the daytime behavior if you remind them during the day that unless they shape up, they won't get to put in a cotton ball that night.) Then on Christmas, you can put Baby Jesus in the soft crib that they helped to make.

We'll post pictures after our crib is made. Let us know if you make one too!

1 comment :

  1. Kristen, When the boys were small we did something similar. Popsicle stick manger with "hay" (raffia). We added some each day for baby Jesus.
    I love that you are getting Caroline into the spirit of Christmas.