Friday, March 26, 2010



  1. HOLY COW!!!! That's a lot of cleaning I'd have to do. :) I need you to come to KS and show me how to do all that. I'm not much of a coupon shopper and need to be or these boys will eat me out of house and home. Seriously...we had roast for dinner and we'll have to buy two to feed them all when they get big. We hardly had enough for leftovers. And I won't tell you how many potatoes I put in there!
    Have a good one and enjoy cleaning. ;) haha!!

  2. It's official...I hate you! :) Seriously, you are awesome! If you ever find coupons like that for books, let me know. :)

  3. I love looking at the savings on the receipts, but can't imagine storing all the food when you've been up to this for a few years. Some of these people are grocery hoarders!! Bea and I went to a coupon class last summer, and Faye Prosser (I think that's her name) said to store food under your bed and in your closets if you run out of room. If it starts to get close to the expiration date, you should donate it!!! we were just dying laughing! why go to all the trouble if you're just going to give it away? that was interesting!