Wednesday, November 10, 2010


this picture was from last how they've grown!

here is what has been going on since my last post:
* the girls both got haircuts and are they are uber cute. Pictures to come...
*The Harvest Moon Festival at the kid's preschool was a HUGE success. I am glad that I had such a terrific team to work with on this event because I never could have done it without them!
*Emma Kate has been on a nap strike and giving us trouble with bedtime. She spent a nap time in the dreaded pack-n-play and it seems to have curbed her need to roam around during times that she is expected to be in bed.
*Emma Kate is still sneaking into my bathroom and applying make-up. My stubborn attitude that "it's my bathroom, why should I have to move everything around...she should listen to me and stay out of my stuff" is giving way to finding a new place. The last straw was finding a new tube of lipstick broken into pieces in the sink this morning.
*Both 2 year olds are doing great with potty training and I think we will venture into naps-without-diapers very soon. Heaven help me!
*Sam continues to love anything having to do with trucks and his favorite is "Chuck".
*After hearing our nephew Jake talk about cookies and milk before bed, we have giving it a try...last night was night one and we rewarded them with a bedtime snack after picking up their rooms. I must say, they also slept longer...could it be that this is a win-win-win situation? Thanks Mindy!

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