Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Before and Afters

Before: A boy's room for 1
{I don't have pictures of the room when it was just a toddler bed, but this picture shows the wall color and space before its metamorphosis} 
After: A girly room for 2

Before: A girly room for twin A
{again, she wasn't sleeping in a crib until the room trade, but it was a toddler bed, these are just the last pictures I had taken of the rooms}

After: A boy room for twin B

The girls love sharing a room (although it takes longer for them to fall alseep at night) and Sam loves his big-boy room! Matt and I love that all the toys are in the playroom (pictures to come of that space, which was Caroline's room).


  1. The rooms look great! I'm sure the kids love them!

  2. LOVE the new rooms - you did a great job and I am sure the kids are thrilled with them. I bet the girls love talking to each other before going to sleep!

  3. I love it!! They both look great - well, except for that NC State stuff ;) I'd be happy to send Sam some Carolina stuff anytime he's interested! Haha!

  4. Looks great Kristen! I always wanted to do a girls room. Alas! :) We are getting ready to transform the "baby" room in to a "big boy room" just need to decide if we're going Pitt State themed or ROCK CHALK KU!

    Can't wait to see the playroom. I LOVE before and after pictures!!!

  5. love the little girls room.. so pretty!! :o)