Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aquatic Petting Zoo

We got to get away to the coast with our dear friends last week. There was junk food, sand, sun, salt water on day one and on day two, a whole new adventure.  
JP brought his casting net and was catching mullet, shrimp, spot, sun fish, and crabs off the dock. He'd throw it out, bring it back in, and empty it on the grass where the kids would transport the critters to a bucket. 
They could hardly contain themselves while waiting to see what the net would bring in.
Everyone was gently picking up the new creatures and inspecting them (yep, even the girls). 
Ever seen a fresh, live shrimp? They were cool!
At one point we started letting the kids put the critters into a baby pool filled with bucket after bucket of salt water. The shrimp were swimming harmoniously with the fish we caught, but after awhile, we added the crabs (we caught earlier from the crab pots) and let the kids watch with amazement as they chased and ate the say the whole day was awesome is an understatement.
It was the perfect way to spend a gray, cloudy day.
But then, a cloudy day with friends at the coast is better than a sunny day alone at home anytime!
(And you can bet I've got a casting net on my last for Santa this year!)

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