Friday, August 24, 2012

For the next 177 school days, this little lady leaves me for almost seven hours! I am chomping at the bit to get to carpool and can't hardly wait until she is in the car again...I miss her!
In all three years of preschool, Caroline was a reluctant participant and would much rather be at home with us.

In Kindergarten, she cried the first few days, but it started to get easier.

This year, she has jumped in feet first! First grade is her grade!

She is playing, learning, and having a great time.
I still think she'd choose home over school it the choice were hers, but it isn't.

She told me after school today that they had to draw a picture of their family and write story about how many people they live with. Then she said, " I almost cried because it made me really miss you guys, but I just kept working and it went away"...well, it just about did me in!

She has come a long, long way. 
We are SO proud!
{but, I miss you too, big~time Coco!}


  1. So, Brett was giving me the run down of school on Thursday. He said he and Caroline were talking during recess. I asked what they were talking about and he just said, "stuff." It cracked me up :)

  2. Our girls are growing up way too fast! During the school day, I'll find myself in her room (for some legitimate reason, like putting away laundry) and I'll just look around at all of her "big kid" things...a globe has replaced touch and feel board books, Eiffel Towers have replaced "Runaway Bunny" and Ladybug accents, Chapter books have taken over her nightstand and Beatrix Potter books have been pushed to the back of her bookcase...sniff, sniff...but on the bright side, she knows the difference between Geurztrameiner and Riesling and can refill my glass!!! Just kidding! : )