Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I'm not what you would call a "sports nut". 
But I am pretty nutty about my kiddos...
 Caroline is playing soccer and loving it.
Sam and Emma Kate are playing t-ball.
 Emma Kate is loving it.
Sam participates. Most of the time.
He did a great job this past weekend and stayed on the field for the duration of the game, which is a milestone. 
I think they are super cute and bobble-headish in the helmets.
Pink for Miss Priss? What else would you expect?

Waving from 3rd base.
Smiling from third base.
Matt was away this weekend on a trip with his dad, but my parents came up to cheer the kids on. It was the best weend! Wonderful weather, great games, happy kids, lunch at Moe's...
or maybe it was a trip with my feeling-pretty-generous Dad to Trader Joe's that made it such a great weekend. I digress, back to sports.
So remember from this blog in years past the little girl who cried and wouldn't get off of my leg to enter preschool? Or dance class? Or a birthday party?
Yep. That's her. She's pretty awesome. 
Go Sports!

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