Friday, January 25, 2013

23 degrees

It is 23 degrees here. School is getting out 3 hours early because of the impending possibility of snow and a "wintery mix". My kids are clamoring for hot chocolate and pajamas. My husband has requested shepard's pie (well, he hasn't yet. but once he knows it is on the menu, I bet he'll want some). But me? What am I up to? Oh, just sewing up some spring and summer goodies!
these knit ruffle shorties are made from a pattern from Green Style
(do it)

these little ruffled sailor shorts are made from a pattern from MonkeysBug
(go ahead, click it)

I CANNOT wait to get started sewing these up (in between layering up and going outside if we get flurries and serving up mugs of hot chocolate). 

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