Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014: BIG Changes

 2014 has brought a lot of changes in our lives! We have had several inches of snow and epic cold weather (I happen to know this because my kids got cabin fever often and it was my trimester to cover outside carpool duty at school!). We also purged every room in the house, sold it, bought a new one, and moved! The majority of that last sentence sounded a LOT more fun than it actually was.
The year will continue to bring big changes as each holiday we celebrate will be a first in this new space. 
Today was the first Easter in our new house.
Don't let this fool you, they're happy...

This little lamb chop will make her first communion this year!
and this pipsqueak is reading and playing baseball!
and this snickerdoodle? well, she is a budding artist and writer!

We are ready for spring and the rest of what this year is going to bring us!

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