Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Going Green

We have wanted an outdoor space where the kids had a swing set, we had a deck, there was a basketball goal, and shady trees. A place where we could have cookouts and grown flowers. I big window to view it all and a place where the kids lived outside soaking up the fresh air. I am thrilled that we finally have this! Here is the view from our kitchen and dining room window:

and taken from the deck:
 yes, they are in their pajamas
 have you ever tried to take a picture of three kids in motion? 
capturing a kid swinging is HARD!
 For the last few years, I have tried to grow flowers, herbs, and even tomatoes. I blame our last backyard on being unsuccessful. The sun was blaring and there was no shade (though watering was also an issue). So far, I have been able to keep these plants alive for almost three weeks! That is a new personal record.

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