Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swim Team

We moved into the neighborhood at the end of March and by May we have signed up for swim team. the kids thought it sounded fun but were nervous about the meets. They had never had formal swim lessons and didn't know how to dive off the blocks (or dive at all for that matter). The started in the last heats and we were thrilled that they made it across the pool. By the end of the season, the kids were diving and were in the first heat. 
Before the last meet, we met up at the pool to decorate the cars and caravan over to the pool of the team we were swimming against. 

Emma Kate was always on a coaches lap between events. We didn't see her for the five hours that a meet would last. I love these bonds the kids have formed. I love our coaches and our coaches love these kids.

Yes, I am a bit biased, but I think she has the prettiest dive. 
Last night was the awards ceremony and it was a pizza party. The kids all got a participation medal. On top of that, Sam got the coaches award as he went from 5th heat to 1st and really improved a lot over the 6 weeks. Caroline got most improved in her age group. We were more than just a little proud because they really DID work hard. The coaches were dedicated and made our kids love being part of this team. We have never enjoyed a summer more!
I am so thankful for this swim team! 

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