Friday, August 8, 2014

Busch Gardens

 We took our first family vacation. Ever. As in, traveled somewhere together, just the core five of us. It was beyond fabulous. It was an amazing weekend. There was no fighting, begging, whining, complaining, or moaning. Giggles, laughter, handholding, snacking, and playing was had by all. What a blast!
We started off in the Elmo Land, which is full of kid-friendly rides. Other than the state fair, our kids really haven't ridden very many rides. This area is right near the entrance of the park and is a great way to tip-toe into what an amusement park is all about. Emma Kate presented herself as the dare devil right from the beginning. Sam and Matt stayed behind while the girls rode the Grover roller coaster. Caroline wasn't so sure, but EK LOVED it! 

Sam wanted to ride something low-key and un-scary, so this ride seemed his speed. 
He chose it.
After he got off, he said, "that was silly. why did I pick that?!".
He was now ready for something with a little more umph.
Our next stop was the flying machine. The kids seems excited but as we all loaded on, Matt and I were both nervous. Would they like it? It was pretty high. 
Would is scare them? It was pretty fast.
THEY LOVED IT (we rode is about 8 times over the weekend).
Of course, you have to ride the carousel! 
By the way, it is HARD to take pictures of someone riding a carousel.
We rode the sky line bucket ride. The kids were intimidated but loved it!

That yellow bucket?
That bucket hold both of my guys. 
That yellow roller coaster track? 
That's the Loch Ness Monster. 
Matt rode it, Caroline was the only kiddo tall enough.
She didn't.

This red ride was the kid's favorite. We made many trips over to France to ride this. 

 Sam did get his nerve up to ride the Grover roller coaster. 
He loved it, though before it started, he wasn't so sure.
 While Matt rode some scary rides, the kids and I went to some animal shows and toured the aviary.
Yes, I am a good sport.
(or is it that I don't care for scary rides?)

The kiddie rides were still a hit.

as was the dragon climbing area.

 Caroline wanted to take "selfies".
A little rain, mist, and drizzle didn't stop us!
We rode this ride as a family. 
Caroline chose not to ride again the second time but the twins talked Matt into it again a few times.
The third row of people are mine. 
Emma Kate and Matt.
Can you see them better now?

The highland Cattle were my favorites...gotta love my Scottish Cows.
 And we are back to the red ride (the catapult). Did I mention we rode this A LOT?!
And another selfie. 
Did I mention she loves these?
The kids all picked stuffed animals for a souviner, but this one is mine.
It was the happiest two days and I am so thankful for these four people.
Here is to year one of our annual Busch Gardens getaway!

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