Friday, April 10, 2015

Lake time

Today was the last day of Spring Break 2015.
We stayed in town over spring break and ate out, went to the library, had Goodberry's for lunch, spent some time at Target. 
Today we went to see the ducks and walk around the lake. Aside from the terrible pollen that coated every inch of us, we had a wonderful morning together.
This guy rushed out of the water when he heard us coming and was very social.

About to start the two mile trek

I've heard that whenever you see a cardinal that it is a visitor from heaven. When we saw this guy, I told that story to the kids. Sam said, "oh! Gramps is here with us then".
Loved that thought

More ducks up close and personal. 
Pretty sure they expected us to have bread on us, but we obeyed the "no-feed" signs that are all over the lake. We actually brought a loaf to feed them, but now that the kids read, I can't set the example of breaking rules, so back into the car the bread went. 
Not sure anyone has told the ducks though.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just as I was thinking about the ugliness of this particular duck, Caroline said, "Mommy! Look at this one! He is adorable!".

As close as all of the other ducks were, Canadian Geese are never up for a conversation. These two were less then thrilled to see us coming.

Right around mile 1.75 and starting to get a bit tired of walking but no complaints were uttered

skipping rocks

 I love days like this with the kids.
No electronics, no iphones, no facebook...
just three kids and me
(and my camera)

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