Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bald Head Island

Our first night at Bald Head Island was a charming one...we cooked out and the kids spent the evening on the sand and in the water. The water was warm but the breezes were a bit cool when you were wet.
Though being chilled didn't keep these kiddos out of the water.

Sam is looking less and less like a little boy to me...his looks are changing every day.
This one too.
She was cold!
The crew reeling in a shark. This shark was really giving JP a fight. 
Jaws on his way inland...
Matt held the rod and reel and JP was guiding him in.
There he is!
See the black spot near the back on the body? That was a pilot fish. This shark had one on each side.

To take out the hook or just cut the line...this guy was STRONG!

Mommy! This rocks looks like Nonna's countertop!

Home away from home...magical

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