Thursday, February 2, 2017

Snow Day

Happy New Year! We kicked off January with a snow ice day. It is always exciting to anticipate cold, cozy weather and the possibility of missing a few days of school. We didn't loose power and enjoyed being at home together. We played a lot of rumikub, Super Mario (I am really close to defeating Bowser. Just sayin'), and deep cleaned together.
Heard of beet flights? Where you get several flavors to try at once? Kind of a fun idea, so I made smoothie flights for the kids. They had to guess what was in the smoothie and then rate them.

Childhood seems to be rushing through my fingers lately. It kills me to know that my days at home are gone and that their years at home are numbered. I mourn every little step of the journey, though I do try to see the joy. I just miss my baby and preschool years with them. In exchange for nap-time battles, I have sibling fighting. Instead of reading books at bedtime, I have ipods to police...but when I see glimpses like this, Mario strapped to a remote control car, my heart leaps.

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