Friday, June 2, 2017

Jelly Roll Railway

YOU GUYS! I have a free pattern for you that looks so complicated but comes together in a snap! Thanks to the use of a jelly roll, most of the cutting has been done for you. This was so much fun to piece. I LOVE this sweet fabric had to have it once I saw the birds! Though I made this as a gift, those little birds are going to make giving this one away a bit tough. 
I haven't yet settled on the background fabric yet. I am considering piecing it. Or using linen. Or more birds. Or the fabric from this line with text. I really love fabric with writing. Or birds...
Doesn't this look hard? SO easy!
Have you made this one yet? Grab the pattern!
Never quilted? Want to try? This pattern also has a free instructional video! I promise, you CAN do this!

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