Friday, July 14, 2017

Art Gallery Fabrics: Symphony Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop

Matthew and I went to Charleston a couple of times while we were dating and love that Southern city! When I was offered to choose a fabric line from Art Gallery Fabrics to quilt with, I jumped at the Charleston line by Amy Sinibaldi.
Art Gallery Fabrics are the softest cottons out there. They have a feel and drape almost like a rayon. Fat Quarter shop got these fabrics to me super~quick and I got them cut out right away!
It is a really easy pattern because it relies on straight lines and half-square triangles, which are the building blocks of most great quilts. I couldn't believe how easy it came together, in fact, I think I pieced it quicker than I cut it out!
One thing I decided to try while working on this project was to "fussy cut" the centers of my squares. This is a fancy pants way of saying that you focus on something you want to show and make that the center of one of your shapes. In my case, these 9 squares featured the rainbow homes of Charleston and the compass rose from that fabric. I LOVE them!
Because everything was so linear, I decided to give my quilting a little more leeway and wavy-line quilted the whole thing. I had never tried this technique before and I am hooked. It's hard to imagine quilting any other way now! Maybe I found my signature! 
Truth be told, it was really an easy method. Having no measurements or lines to follow took the stress out of it. 
NO perfection needed here, folks!

As usual, I did my binding by hand. Some people have tremendous skill at machine binding by stitch-in-the-ditch, but I am not one of those people. I also love the hidden little stitches from hand binding. 

You know what the hardest part of quilting is? Getting a great picture of your finished quilt! I am serious, y'all! Look at my outtakes! Glad my toenails were painted. Shessh!

Quick pause to love on those cute houses.
Quick pause to show you the backside of this pretty quilt.

I hope you try this pattern! I hope you try Art Gallery Fabrics. Fat Quarter shop has both this free pattern and lots of pretty fabrics! 

Don't have a sewing machine? You KNOW I LOVE my Bernina and right now, Fat Quarter Shop is giving one away. A pretty one! One decorated by Cotton + Steel. 
Hurry! You have 7 chances to win.  Good Luck!


  1. This is fantastic! I lived in Charleston (now Savannah) and fell in love with this fabric too. I haven't cut mine up because I wanted a pattern that would show off the best images like the Rainbow Row houses. I love the pineapples too!

  2. thank you! This was a great pattern to use for showing off those beautiful houses! Please post a picture of what you are going to make. If you follow Amy on IG, she is uber cute and loves to see what people create.

  3. I love your quilt. I just found your blog so I will subscribe to it.
    This looks like such a great pattern!!

    .... now to enter that contest. Boy, that would be a treat to win a new machine.
    Thank you for telling me about this offer!

  4. yay! thanks for you sweet words! Good luck...I sure would love such a pretty AND functional machine.

  5. Hehe, I couldn't resist Charleston either! It's just so divine!

  6. totally agree! I'm coming to see your quilt! xoxo

  7. Standard sizes widths include come in 44 to 46 inches or 54 to 60 inches, then of course you purchase the lengths in lace fabrics