Monday, January 15, 2018

Christmas 2017

This Christmas break was bittersweet; we lost my sweet Grandmother. We still decorated and baked cookies. We still had gifts and family time. I think the kids still found magic in the season. For me, the wind was taken from my sails. I did not take a lot of pictures, I didn't decorate every room, I didn't entertain friends this year, and I didn't edit the few pictures I did take. I gave myself the season off; No Christmas cards. No beautiful bows on packages. No sewn gifts. 
I did make her pistachio bread for the teachers and neighbors; that felt like a tribute. 
I miss her daily and know she would have loved Christmas time with the kids. 
...but we did still pick out a tree

and decorate it with family-collected ornaments

and watch Christmas movies while decorating

we still made things festive

we still used a lot of the decorations she gifted us with.
Gigi, we miss you like crazy. 
Merry Christmas in Heaven.

not the glow from a fireplace or even the tree 21st century does this picture feel?
(In his defense, he was studying for a test not playing a computer game).

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