Friday, March 20, 2009

The Park and more...

We finally saw some sun this week and made good use of it; we went to the park! Caroline's friend, Camden, met us there (along with his mom Tiffany and brother Mason). It was a great afternoon and really nice to get out of the house!
crunching ice
Caroline and Camdenclimbing the stairs to the twirly slidealong for the ride this one looks a bit staged, but it isn't...I went in to tuck her in and this is how I found her. I think it captures how she feels about bunny, so I grabbed my camera and used the night feature (her room was very dark, but you'd never know it). Luckily, my need to capture every possible moment of the lives of my children didn't wake her up, whew!

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  1. I think it's awesome that you feel like I do--each day is full of memories and camera worthy moments--not just birthdays and Easter outfits!! Some of my favorite pictures are of messy faces, mismatched outfits and dirty hands!! You've got to appreciate the daily wonders or life just flies by too quickly!