Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend

We had a great time this weekend at my parent's house. We celebrated Emma and Sam's birthday and felt so lucky to have all the grandparents and two of the great grandparents there. Matthew and I are so fortunate to have families that get along so well and have a great time together. The kids got new yard toys and great clothes and we all loved the wonderful food...from Margie's bean dip to grilled burgers and hot dogs (and who could forget the ice cream cake?). It was a wonderful day, thanks everyone! Our Emma, could she be any sweeter?
Papa bought LOTS of bubble toys and Caroline had this bubble gun figured out RIGHT away!

One great Daddy...

first time in the grass and not really sure about it

I LOVE this picture of my grandmother

M reading to Emma

Snack Time

Nonna's turn to read to Emma

Grilled Goodies

Doc and Sam

the morning after...Emma's new ride on toy. Sam "helping" her.

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  1. So, so, so cute! Looks like a lot of fun.