Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Caroline's Birthday: Part I

On Saturday we celebrated Caroline's third birthday with family. It was a wonderful day- Amy was in town both my family and Matthew's were able to come. The weather was beautiful and we had a great picnic in the park! pretty for her party
beginning to open gifts. This is the Princess Card from Amy...a gift in itself!

Amy helping
isn't this the perfect picnic area?

Fritos...what's not to love?
Emma really enjoyed lunch

birthday cake
more sharing

he's a long drink of water

loves to swing


Emma and Nonna

Doc and Sam

hard to believe this turned morning nap and a long day of playing

starting to fall apart...

four generations

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  1. Girl! You do inspire me. I've got to get it together and get posting! I take pictures every day and I always think, "That will make a great blog post" and then...well you know what happens. Pro-crastinator--as in professional! I'll work on it. I do enjoy your snippets--I'm such a voyeour into your life! What sweet kids. If you're headed to the Outlets in Smithfield---please call me 989-8589---I'd love to see you again! We are 10 miles from the Outlets and 4 miles from I40 exit 312. We are KID-FRIENDLY!