Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to you Alex, Brooke, and Zachary!

This weekend we had lots of birthdays to celebrate. Alex and Brooke turned three and Zachary turned two. Alex and Brooke's party was held at an indoor play space with a giant swing set. It was perfect because it was raining and yucky weather and the kids were able to burn up all sorts of energy. On Sunday, we went to the Wise's for Zachary's party and the children loved the games and food (was there ever a moment that Sam wasn't eating chips???). Thanks for the invites guys, we had a blast!
exploring the HUGE indoor swing set
a super cute divided cake for twins Alex (Cars) and Brooke (Dora)
swinging with the birthday kids
all the guy wanted to do was carry around a's the little things

Emma trying out the clothespin game...she got two!

Matthew is planning on helping Santa out with gifts for the kids and thinks a trampoline is a good idea

the rat favors from yesterday were a HUGE hit

Caroline's turn at the clothespin game
Brayden dropping a clothespin in the jar

Mason playing the clothespin game
Tiffany, Teri, and some of the boys

just how many pictures do we have of EK eating cupcakes?
Handsome Man the Birthday Boy
Pin the Nose on the Clown
Emma Kate and Mason on the Trampoline
We had a great time this weekend, thanks for having us guys!

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