Thursday, October 15, 2009


The kids seem to be exploding lately with new skills. Emma Kate has added several words to her vocabulary (sock, shoe, bow, brush, cup), Caroline is stepping up and helping me more and more, and Sam is feeding himself with a spoon and fork (messily) . I am not bragging, I know that this is what kids do...they are preprogrammed to impress their parents and grandparents with skills that other kids also have. It's just really neat to see the growth in the precious people I am lucky enough to spend my time with. I thought I better get some of this on film!


  1. Caroline is so cute, I love the choo choo and the "I'm not mom" comments! And the dropping and licking of the spoon, cute!

  2. Chuga, chuga, chugu, chuga---choo, choo!! You need stock in Jell-O pudding cups!