Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Church Buddies

We have passed around our share of illnesses this winter. So far, we've shared head colds, chest colds, a cough, and now a mean stomach bug. For the last two Sunday mornings, I've stayed home from church because the twins (if it wasn't one, it was the other) were still too iffy to take church nursery. I did manage to snap a quick picture of Matthew and Caroline on their way to church this past weekend...they looked so nice. I think they enjoyed their time together and Caroline really loves going to mass.

The girls remain best friends and are always together. I mean, if Caroline uses the restroom, she takes Emma Kate with her. They sit as close as the can together on the sofa, and Caroline lobbies for her when it comes to snacks and extra television shows. I get extra one on one time with Sam and as of right now, I don't think he feels too left out.

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