Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last year, my resolution was to keep our blog updated. I was able to keep that resolution. This year, I am working on patience. So far, so good (its only been six days though). I haven't updated our blog lately because there just isn't much to show you. We've spent the days in our pajamas. In fact, after lunch, I change the kids and clean them up and put them in a clean set of pjs! It is so cold and the heat runs continuously, so warm pajamas just seem like the right thing to wear (I apologize to my neighbors who see me check the mail this way). To show you what a pajama day looks like, I snapped a few pictures. Not wanting to sit still and smile, they aren't the best, but still cute to me.

Caroline has been letting Emma Kate play in her room with her and they spend hours in there together. I think next year, we will let them share a room. This also gives me time to work with Sam on his colors and numbers. He is very sweet, but I just can't tell what he knows yet...only time will tell :)

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