Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guest Blogger: Nonna

My Mom, Nonna, is the guest blogger for this post.

Warren and I were lucky enough to have the kids while Kristen and Matt attended a wedding in California. The unlucky part was that I started school the day after we got the kids. Warren took off for the week to play "full-time Papa". Gigi and Gramps came over every day to help. We have found that routine was very important to all of us. We started off day one with all of us sitting down to breakfast before I had to leave for work. Warren had his routine throughout the day....lots of coloring, singing, snacking, and puzzles. Just when a 51 year old Papa started feeling his age, it was nap time. I think he needed it more than the kids. I would get home from work around 4 and the routine started again with snack, more singing, and coloring. Caroline liked to know what was being served for dinner and had a strong opinion of what we were having. We all set the table together. Caroline and the twins looked forward to dinner, which started with a prayer. After dinner, the kids put on their bathing suits and would run through the sprinklers and have ice cream outside. Bath time followed with more singing and dancing. Doc and M came on Saturday to pick up the kids for the day. They played in the rain and took a boat ride. How lucky to have two sets of Grandparents and Great Grandparents who totally adore these beautiful, precious children. I might add that while the kids were at M and Doc's, I had all intentions of cleaning and reorganizing the kid's room, but instead took a long nap and watched grown-up T.V. 

I came home from work one day and the kids were still in pajamas. I asked Warren why the kids were not yet dressed and the look he gave me told me all I needed to know. I will also add that there are two phrases that Papa doesn't ever want to hear again; "I don't want to" and "I do it myself".  I am so thankful that Matt and Kristen let us be such a huge part of the kid's life. 

After looking at all of these pictures, I realize that my children didn't miss me at all! At least bunny looks sad that I am away...

scratch that...

many, many thanks to my parents for keeping such loving care of the three people that we hold most dear!


  1. Sure looks like everyone had a blast. What sweet memories with grandparents!

  2. Your kids-and you-are so lucky to have grandparents and great-grandparents. Anna Jane only has my Mom---I often feel like she's been gyped (jyped? jipped? you know what I mean!)