Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Quick Get-a-way

The kids and I decided to get a change of scenery and head to my parent's house for a few days. Matt stayed behind and got some work done and enjoyed the quiet. The visit was just what we all needed...a break away. We didn't do much, which was WONDERFUL...
we colored
stopped coloring for a photo-op
had lots of snacks and several cups of milk
and stopped for a photo-op
colored some more
and more
more photo-ops
played together
shared nicely
had secret mission photo-ops

played outside in the water
some of us stuck our heads in the bucket repeatedly...three guesses
yes, more quick poses for Mom
did some more porch jumping, this time with Gramps
worked on our aim
just try me...
there was lots of kissing and hugging
more target practice
more cuddling
more forced pictures on the steps
more cuteness
more silly out-takes from photo sessions no one wanted except for me

and because no weekend (or day for that matter) is complete without a moose-on-the-loose-shot or a shot of Sam putting anything on his head besides HIS OWN HAT, I bring you these...

Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting us, letting me sleep in, changing all of the dirty diapers, helping me find humor in the chaos, and loving us.

Thanks Gigi and Gramps for lunch, letting us come over and make a mess, and for the treat of Sonic...we love you!

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