Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love me some him

Dear Sam,
We were supposed to go visit Doc and M this weekend, but your stomach bug kept us in town. Your Daddy and sisters went to do some tailgating, football watching, and visiting while we remained in town.  Although I missed them greatly, I want you to know how I've enjoyed every second with just you.  You are one neat kid!  You've snuggled with me, been excited about our trips to Walmart and the grocery store, told me you loved me a million times, giggled your sweet giggle all day, and been great company. I am so glad that I get to be your Mommy. You are kind, loving, and so very much fun! I could pinch myself when I think that out of all the mothers in the world you could have been given to, you were given to me!
Love you big,


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