Monday, October 18, 2010


I've called the kids "snickerdoodles" since they got here. Sounds nicer than "brat" or "stinker". Here are some pictures that have been in the camera for a few days (a week or two maybe). Some are home, others are at a birthday party. 

 Just know that you will see this shirt on Sam a lot in the future. He loves his "tar" shirt and plays the air guitar on himself when he wears it...too much this boy of mine!

 Love, love, love her sprinkles (freckles).

 Olivia, the birthday girl, holding his hand on the way into the bounce castle.
There aren't many of Emma Kate today. She told me not to take any of her and to leave her alone.  I have a lot of names for this little girl besides Snickerdoodle...but again, it sounds nicer. 

 seriously love this one

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