Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap

some of my favorite pictures from this past year
 New Year's Day 2010
 Snow Day in January
Matthew was home sick on this day and we did crafts all morning long
 I love these "cuddle" shot because they are far and few between
 this never made the blog, but as I hunt for my favorites, I think this one is pretty cute. I remember Caroline was trying to keep her sister in place for the Valentine picture and was being so sweet to them.
 February snow
 park play day
 A trip to the aquarium with my Dad and grandparents...such a fun place!
 Spring was starting to warm up and the kids loved the novelty of having the door open and being able to come and go into the back yard at whim
 Turning 2!
 April photo shoot at the Arboretum 
 Bunny's birthday
pop quiz: How old did she turn here?
correct answer: 4
 playtime outside
 turning 4!
 I told you that I loved these
 a weekend at my parents
 all the toys at my parent's house and they spent an hour playing with the doggy door

 Gigi and Sam
 trying to get a good family picture and when I was editing, I saw this little gem...rehearsal dinner video?
sticky sweet faces

 2010 was the year of Sam putting anything and everything on his head (except for the ball cap that I bought him)
Gigi and Gramps came to stay a few days

Nonna came later in the summer
 August...M and Doc had the kids for an afternoon while they stayed with my parents 
 we were in Santa Barbara

 and Nonna and Papa brought them back
school started for all three

 we got to see a football game

 summer heat gave way to fall

Nicole Faby photographed us...Matthew's Christmas gift to me

looking forward to another great year!

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