Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 Every child has their own interests and talents. One of Caroline's is doing puzzles. She has been putting 24 piece puzzles together since around the time she turned two. We were impressed!
She moved onto 100 piece puzzles around her third birthday. We were impressed.

Gigi bought her this puzzle for Christmas. It has 150 pieces and is quite small and intricate in pattern. Gigi helped her at Christmas work on it but they didn't quite finish.

Today, Caroline called me into her room to look at all of the puzzles she had done, and BOY WAS I IMPRESSED. Save for three pieces that have grown legs and hidden, she finished the 150 piecer (147 I guess) all by herself! 

you impressed?

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  1. I am impressed - GO CAROLINE! I LOVE doing puzzles as well!