Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Matthew and the kids treated me to breakfast (Dunkin' might not know this, but they happen to be my FAVORITE treat) and coffee (Dunkin' might not know this, but it happens to be my FAVORITE coffee), well behavededness at Church, grocery shopping at Target as a family, and lunch together. Upon getting home from our day, we saw the first of our caterpillars (Pillars as Sam calls them) had broken out of its cocoon and was flapping its beautiful wings. This project was a birthday gift to the twins from our sweet friends the Lexas. It has been so neat to watch these caterpillars grow, build a cocoon, and now emerge into butterflys! What a neat event to happen on Mother's Day and on a weekend where we all got to enjoy them.

Motherhood is FAR from easy and there are days that I feel like I am floundering in it, but it is one of God's truest and best gifts. Out of all of the women in the world, he gave these THREE to ME?! I am beyond thankful and in awe.


  1. It is quite amazing that God entrusts us with these little ones. Amazing and scary! Happy Mother's Day to you.

    P.S. Do you have an email address? Mine is if you don't want to publish it in the comments!

  2. Such a sweet post! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to find more sweet Southern girls out there :) Your babies are adorable, just like Mommy!

  3. What a beautiful family! Your kids are gorgeous! I always wanted to have 3 kids...I have one right now so we'll see what happens! Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you now! :) Can't wait to read moer about your lovely family!