Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr. Jim and his band of pirates

I have said it many, many times before, but our preschool and Church (they are on the same campus) are real gifts. We have met amazing friends through our time with the St. Francis Preschool and love it when they have family events. This past Friday night, our school's music teacher and his band of pirates hosted a concert. The kids had a ball running around the courtyard and the parents actually got to visit. The music was awesome and we had a blast! It was wonderful to see Caroline get out there and dance (she did all the moves and sang quite a bit too!). Afterwards, we all followed the Lopez family home for a fire-pit party and s'mores (thanks guys!)! We love these sweet friends of ours and are so thankful for the school that allowed us all to meet!


  1. Kristen,
    Thank you so much for your sweet note on my blog. I'm so glad that it linked over to your blog. Your kids are adorable.
    I'm glad that we are able to connect in the blogging world.
    p.s. I love the menu on your page. How did you do that?

  2. What a darling family! After looking at your blog, I’m seriously thinking I need to brush up on some blog/photshop skills. You’re amazing, and you’ve got me contemplating an update.

  3. I don’t know how to start such a process. I’ve not actually been at this for very long, and what I currently have is just a standard template. What do you suggest?

  4. Those are some great pics of the kids!

  5. What a great day out with your family!

  6. We are moving my littles to a new preschool next fall and were invited to their carnival last weekend. It was so much fun and I can't wait to join that community. Great photos.