Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Blogger: Caroline the Kindergartener

My name is Caroline.
 I am going to Kindergarten.
This is my school uniform.
I am five.
This is my new backpack and lunchbox.
This is me and my Mommy.
 This is me with my Daddy.
I cried for just a couple of minutes at drop off today because I was scared, but only for a teensy second. I was too busy to miss my family. I LOVE KINDERGARTEN and my teachers and new friends.
School is a really happy place.
Bunny waits for me in the car and I get to see her and my family after getting picked up at carpool. It was a great day!
*note from Mommy: Tears were shed, just a few, and surprisingly, they were only Caroline's, not mine. I think she was nervous and not sure about the routine but she is excited to go back and had talked a mile a minute about school for the last two hours now! Yay Kindergarten!!!


  1. She is the cutest kindergartner. Glad it was a good day for her (and you)!

  2. It looks like Caroline had an awesome 1st day of school.

  3. Look at those smiles!!! Glad to hear it went well. Best wishes for a great school year!

  4. So sweet! I'm happy for you both...kindergarten is such an exciting time.

  5. Oh she looks so cute in her uniform and her cute little headband! Glad she is loving school!

  6. Awww, what a sweet girl. First days of anything new are always hard. Love the pictures!

  7. Your guest blogger is too cute :)