Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sophie Tunic

I have been drooling over Sis Boom patterns for awhile now and through Jennifer Paganelli, I met Carla Crim (The Scientific Seamstress), the pattern maker. She designs all of Jennifer's patterns and is not only extremely concise with directions, sizing, and measurements, but her patterns give picture step-by-step instructions...I love them! I'll show this pattern more in depth when I make it next week with authentic Sis Boom fabric! This is the Sophie Tunic and I can see making them in every color...I made these in an evening! 
So cute, right? 

{and the kids aren't bad either}

{Sam said that Emma Kate looked like a beautiful butterfly in this that guy!}


  1. Adorable! The tunics AND the girls :)

  2. So very adorable. Almost cute enough to make me try to remember how to thread my bobbin. Almost. (I am hopeless.)

  3. They are so dang cute!!! And so are the tunics :)

  4. So cute and colorful! And I am jealous of your sewing skills. I am still learning!

  5. How cute! Hard to believe it ony took you an evening to make these. I am very tempted to try the pattern out!