Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chantelle Nicole Designs

Goodness Gracious! 
 I am in love. Seeing these sweet names melts me. My most favorite people in the world (3/4) for me to keep near my heart. I am all gooey with love over this piece and you can bet I will be a mail-box checking nut until it arrives! 

Chantelle Nicole Designs is just about the sweetest little place on the World Wide Web. While I love this mother's heart necklace, (perfect for a to-me-from-me mother's day gift I think), Chantelle has a gazillion other things that you will melt over. 
love this! 
Becky...this might be your wedding gift. Are you reading?
(this one is 50% off right kind of know that I love this one, right?!)
(but this is my next purchase)...
I didn't even scratch the surface on Chantelle's talent or designs offered. Please visit her and tell her we sent 'cha.
But for right now, I am pretty in love with this one!

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