Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In like a lion and out like a lamb? We've been to busy to even notice the weather! In the last month, we've had a LOT going on (which was detrimental to my blogging, laundry and even sewing). 
We bought into a fundraiser from Caroline's school. This was a great event where everyone wore their college team's shirt and played games on assigned much fun!

We celebrated the twins turning 4!
Chris had a special birthday luncheon. Teri had a special after school cupcake party. Matt and I had family birthday night with taco salad, cupcakes, and presents. Both kids were top banana in their class.
 and as if that wasn't enough, Doc and M came to take us all to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner on their birthday. So much fun!
At Chuck E. Cheese, my used-to-be-painfully-shy-and-leary-of-anything hoped up on stage and was loving on one of the characters. Just when you think you've got them figured out...

and Doc rode a horse in the Derby...what a fun night!

On the morning of their actual birthday I had an orthodontist appointment and had to tote them along. They looked so adorable that I had to snap a picture. The birthday boy refused to smile.
 He came close once, but held his resolve.
we've also had some at home days and are enjoying a few new shows
We've also had our share of allergy problems, ear infections, colds, had to replace an air conditioner (youch!), worried about Gramps while he was in the hospital, had a flat tire, and missed many gymnastics and dance classes due to illness. 
Bring on April!

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  1. Looks like Sam and Emma Kate had a great 4th birthday!! I've been so pre-occupied lately I totally forgot to wish them a happy 4th!! And look at C up there on stage - love it :)