Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Christmas 2014 was simply wonderful. The day started around five-thirty that morning. I heard Sam's door and footsteps. He had gone downstairs and was happy to report that Santa had indeed come. After that, he snuggled with us in bed. Emma Kate joined us about a half-hour later. Finally, by 6:30, we went to wake Caroline up and get the day started.
While the kids opened gifts, cinnamon rolls baked and coffee brewed.
The kids got all that was on their list (luckily, the lists weren't very long!).
As far as I can tell, Santa made some great choices (except for'll see).

Yep. That's it.
Really, Santa?
Make-up in the stocking?!
What WERE you thinking?!
Later Christmas Day, we headed to my parents house. With the excitement and fun, this was the only picture I happened to nab! 
On to 2015!

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