Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We had a scheduled break this Monday and Tuesday but the snow and ice added a few days to our "staycation". 
Before bed on Monday night, the kids saw flurries.

 A snow day is a great day for decorating cookies. In the past, I would have had used my favorite dough recipe and made royal icing in every color (and put neatly into piping bags with fancy tips, of course!).
2015 Kristen used a tube of cookie dough and store-bought icing and sprinkles. 

These cookies didn't have a chance. They were bedazzled and sprinkled to the max.
Luckily, they were also abandoned. After eating one each, they forgot all about them.
 It was snowing so hard out when I braved the great outdoors to snap a few pictures...snow never looks as strong in pictures. Trust me, those are BIG flakes!
Today was a snow day and tomorrow is another day off due to the icy, snowy weather. 
Cozy and wonderful.
I am a happy girl.

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