Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day: Part 2

Here are more pictures from the first day of our Memorial Day weekend. We spent the majority of this day at M and Doc's. Between the water fights, great food, seeing Mindy and Andy's family, and spending time with M and Doc, it is easy to understand why we had so much fun (and why the kids slept in the next morning). 
kid's table
our sweet and very photogenic nephew, Oliver

Oliver, Mindy, and Doc
up to bat, Caroline
a little help from Daddy...she's a lefty
not to be left out, Sam
he's a righty
the swing got some use

the water fight...which boy had the most fun?

cute view

he wasn't aiming for me...he was waiting for Uncle Matthew
quick sunscreen break
all dried off and ready for inside fun

not much baby left...he's a big kid!
He won't wear a ball cap for me, which I would pay him for at this point to keep him from getting a sunburn, but over this long weekend, he wore just about every other type of hat (and kept them on)

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