Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day: Part 5 (this is it, really)

On Monday morning, we packed up (and snacked up) at my parents and headed to say our goodbyes to Doc and M. Once again, it was a great weekend full of quality family time, laughter, and sharing with our family the people we love best.
waiting to board the minivan 
another hat Sam found (and kept on)
"do I look cool?"
"I mean, really. Look at me?!"
"Yeah, I am one cool guy."
"hmmph!. I don't think so"
"what is he thinking?"
"geez. my brother looks ridiculous."
Doc and Caroline heading over to the neighbors to see what they caught on their fishing trip
mahi mahi 
heading back to "The Doc's Inn"

coloring and spelling with magnetic letters


  1. I loved looking at all your memorial weekend photos!! You make it all look like soooo much fun, and easy, and pretty!

  2. I love all your photos - I don't think you could post too many! I especially love Sam in that hat :)