Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day: Part 4

I took a lot of pictures over Memorial Day weekend. A lot. Here are some of my favorites from the day we spent at my parent's house.
Sam and Gramps
Papa, Gigi, and Moi
Gigi and Gramps
Wild Woman on the run
Is this Pioneer Woman? no, just a woman with a Pioneer Woman Casserole!
Papa with the girls
profile of a moose
serious concentration on a puzzle? ignoring a camera crazy mother? both?
Gigi and Caroline
Sam and Daddy

Pioneer Woman Nonna and Emma Kate
Sam and the one who loves him best
Bunny with the one who loves her best
jumpin' off the porch: the Nonna Eddition
Sam and Papa

jumpin' off the porch: The Papa Eddition

we love visiting our family...both sides. we get loved on. our kids get spoiled rotton (that is a double edged sword). we get to really decompress and relax.

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